10 amazing digital products to sell this summer to earn passive income


Are you looking for ideas on what digital products to sell this summer to earn passive income?

If yes, you have come to the right place!

What are digital products?

You are probably wondering what digital products are?

Well…. to put it simply.

Digital products are usually sold online, and then the customer who purchases the digital product can then download it instantaneously.

For example, a customer purchases a digital planner online, and instead of that planner being delivered to them physically, the customer will have instant download access to the planner. This will allow the customer to download the digital planner onto their device and start using the planner straight away.

Is selling digital products profitable?

Yep! You can earn anywhere between £100-£5000 ( and maybe even more) a month selling various digital products.

Although, don’t look at this as a fast get rich scheme. As with any business, it still takes time and ALOT of work!

How to create digital products?

The internet is a beautiful place! You can learn to do anything at the stroke of your fingertips.

My advice to you is to go HAM, with google and youtube – research loads!

There are tons of services that can help you design and make your digital products, these include:

  • Canva ( my favourite) – is a graphic design platform that can help you create anything! 
  • Adobe Photoshop– allows you to create beautiful posters, social media posts, banners, photo edits, and more.
  • Adobe Illustrator– you can design anything with Illustrator, from graphics to logos.
  • Fivver– allows you to find the perfect freelancing to help you design and create your digital products.
  • Microsoft Office– believe it or not, you can create many incredible digital products with Microsoft Office.

Where can I sell my products:

  • Etsy– is a global online market where you can sell and buy anything
  • Shopify– is an eCommerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business
  • A blog– is an online journal where you can share your thoughts and sell items to a broad audience

To name a few.

Why should I start selling my digital products in the summer?

Essentially, summer is the ‘night before the storm’.

With autumn and winter being the busiest times to sell digital products, you need to think ahead and start prepping for that time.

That’s why planning, creating and selling digital products in the summer gives you enough time for your products to have been circulated and promoted for autumn and winter.

Therefore, this is why summer is the perfect time to start selling, creating and even planning what digital products to sell.

Digital products to sell this summer

Alrighty, let’s get to it! Here are some ideas on the digital products you could sell this summer.

digital products to sell this summer

1. Digital student planners

Student planners have become a popular commodity for students who like to remain organised. The planners, for example, could be filled with different organisations’ methods, calendars, and weekly and daily to-do lists.

Selling the student planner during the summer will give you enough circulation and momentum for the back to school period.

Check out these student planners on Etsy for inspiration:

2. Digital prints

Home decor is always trending on Etsy. And this is why digital prints have recently seen a boom in sales and popularity. Digital prints can be of anything. For instance, digital prints could be catered for a nursery, wedding, living room, bedroom, and office space.

Check out these digital prints on Etsy for inspiration:

3. Digital quotes prints

Next, it leads me to digital quotes prints. Which is essentially the same as digital prints, but quotes are placed instead of graphics. Quotes are amazing! Daily affirmations and quotes are a must, as I’m sure it is to others. My advice with digital quotes would be to know your audience and be very specific with your quotes.

Check out these digital quotes prints on Etsy for inspiration:

4. Digital fitness planners

Fitness planners have become one of the newest digital products taking the digital world by storm. They are hugely popular and relatively easy to make. Also, fitness is comprehensive. However, you can use this to your advantage by making the fitness planner for a specific diet or exercise – the world is your oyster.

Check out these digital fitness planners on Etsy for inspiration:

5. Digital Christmas planners

Another digital planner that is hugely profitable is Christmas planners. For many, Christmas is seen as a massive event with little events leading up to the big day. Here there is an excellent opportunity for those people who like to stay organised during a sometimes hectic and chaotic period.

Check out these digital Christmas planners on Etsy for inspiration:

6. Digital Christmas tags

Another popular digital product is Christmas tags. These sell like hot cakes during autumn and winter. People need Christmas tags to make their presents look pretty, so going the extra mile in making AMAZING and UNIQUE Christmas tags could give you a nice little income during the Christmas period.

Check out these digital Christmas tags on Etsy for inspiration:

7. Digital goals planners

Some people have a goal-setting mindset, and making a goals planner could help these individuals stay focused and organised in achieving their goals. The peak sales for digital goals planners are at the end of Christmas and January when many start making their New Year’s resolutions.

Check out these digital goals planners on Etsy for inspiration:

8. Digital invitations

There are so many different events, especially from the summer leading up to New Year’s. These events make this the perfect opportunity to start making an array of invitations aimed toward specific events or/and person(s). This could be for weddings, birthdays, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Check out these digital invitations on Etsy for inspiration:

9. Digital budget planners

As you can tell by now, digital planners are pretty popular. Digital budget planners are in high demand as people want to organise their finances and save more generally. Budget planners can consist of income and expense trackers, money-saving goal trackers, and debt trackers.

Check out these digital budget planners on Etsy for inspiration:

10. Digital business planners

Last but not least, digital business planners. These digital planners can cater to the budding entrepreneur or an already established business owner trying to keep pace with their expenses, milestones, and trajectory.

Check out these digital business planners on Etsy for inspiration:

Digital products to sell this summer: Final thoughts

There you have it, folks! The 10 amazing digital products to sell this summer to earn passive income.
Selling digital products online is a great way to earn extra income.

It requires minimal expenses and few resources.

However, A LOT of effort and work is essential if you want to make money.

You need to do your diligence and research! Also another tip is that you should make sure that your digital products are in a niche that caters to a specific audience.

I hope you have found this post helpful, and you now have some ideas on what digital products you will make this summer.

In the comment selection below, let me know if you’ll be selling any digital products listed above.

If you are looking for some free resources, check out my freebies page!

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