10 helpful Canva tips and tricks to make designing much easier


Canva is amazing. However, I know the feeling of being overwhelmed and confused when you are new to Canva. That’s why I’m to present you with( drum roll) 10 helpful Canva tips and tricks to make designing much easier.

But first……

What is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design platform for creating posters, presentations, social media graphics, documents, etc.

I’m by no means a very creative person- to be honest, my drawing skills stop at stick figure designs, I know, so embarrassing.

Canva has allowed me to tap into that inner creativity that I never knew I had.

And now, I can confidently say I’m somewhat a wiz at designing graphics, planners and social media designs.

Don’t worry; trust me, you’ll feel the same way too!

Is Canva Free?

Canva currently has three plans:

Free plan: This allows you access to all the tools to start your design journey. 

Pro plan: Everything is free, with access to premium tools.

Enterprise Plan: Everything included in pro. However, it is more tailored to scaling your business brand and content.

helpful Canva tips and tricks

Click here to sign up for a 30-day Canva Pro trial! What are you waiting for? Get your graphic designing boss babe mode on today.

Okay, now we have got that out of the way here are….

10 helpful Canva tips and tricks to make designing much easier

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1. Canva: The Resizing Tool

The resizing tool lets you resize your design to any size. This means that you can make a design in one size and then, for example, can have multiple different sizes of the same design with just one click.

2. Canva: The Lock Tool

Next is the Lock tool. This tool allows you to lock your design in place. This is an excellent tool if you want to keep all your elements in place and you want to share your design with others without them moving the elements.

3. Canva: The Tidy-Up Tool

This is one of my favourite tools! As someone who makes many planners, I use multiple different shapes/lines that often need to be aligned. However, the magnificent tidy-up tool does the alignment for me.

4. Canva: The Background Remover Tool

Remember those days when you had to use photoshop or another photo editing software to remove the background of a photo. Well, let me tell you that those days are now over. The background remover tool instantly removes the background of any photo!

5. Canva: The Smartmockups Tool

Another perfect tool is smart mockups. With smart mockups, you can easily embed your design into a mockup without adjusting the image multiple times and resizing and rotating another a few times ( don’t worry, I’ve been there). Instead, smart mockups do it for you automatically, and there are a lot of mockups to choose from.

6. Canva: The Animate Tool

Are you tired of your presentations, videos, Pinterest pins, and other design formats being boring and lacking lustre? The animate tool can bring your design back to life! There are many photos/ word animations to choose from to ensure that your design remains appealing and fun.

7. Canva: The Word Effects Tool

Transform your text into something more appealing and engaging. The word effect tool allows you, for instance, to curve, make shadows, add a background, and more to your text.

8. Canva: The Styles Tool

Use the styles tool to transform your design into something more eye-catching when in doubt. There is a variety of different styles to choose from. I advise playing around with the styles tool to find the perfect style for you and your design.

9. Canva: The Grids Tool

The grids tool is such as wicked tool. You have many grids style options to transform your photos into a collage or an engaging piece of work.

10. Canva: The Frames Tool

Last but certainly not least is the frames tool. This tool is in the elements tab and gives you many different frames for your photos. For example, it has a laptop, circles, and diamond frames, which allows you to insert any image you want into the frames.

10 helpful Canva tips and tricks: Final Thoughts

Concluding thoughts…. Canva is brilliant, err mmm.. Canva is amazing!

No, really, Canva is truly great. It has a lot of functions that allow you to bring your design to the next level.

This blog post only scratched the surface of Canva’s capabilities.

I hope you have found this post helpful, and as a result, you now have some cool new Canva skills!

Also, keep your eye out for part two of helpful Canva Tips and Tricks.

And remember…

You can start building your digital planner empire today with a 30-day trial of Canva Pro. And start selling digital planners like hot cakes!

In the comment selection below, let me know if you found this blog post helpful and also if you know any neat Canva tools that weren’t mentioned in this blog post.

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    1. Hi Timi,

      Thank you for your message. If you want to use Canva’s planner templates then, yep, you’ll have to modify it and make it your own before you sell it on Etsy. But if it’s your design that you created on Canva then that’s should be acceptable to sell on Etsy too. I hope that helps

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