The best digital product ideas to sell on Etsy?


Question… what digital product ideas to sell on Etsy?

Etsy is a massive online marketplace selling vintage items to digital stickers. It can take time to decide on the best digital product to sell on Etsy.

And that’s why I’m here!

I was like you, stuck with too many options and wanting to decide which digital product ideas to sell on Etsy that would make extra money.

To simplify things, I have a list of all the best digital products to sell on Etsy.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the realm of digital products on Etsy, exploring why they are profitable and some of the best digital products to sell on this platform.

Digital product ideas to sell on Etsy

Is selling Digital Products profitable on Etsy:

So you’re probably wondering if selling digital products on Etsy is still profitable, and the answer is absolutely yes!

I know Etsy is saturated with millions of listings, with digital products taking a big percentage. 

However, trust me, once you’ve found your popular digital product to sell and put your sparkle in your digital product, there is a big chance you will earn extra money.

Here are some reasons why digital products on Etsy are profitable:

Low Overhead Costs

Unlike physical products that require materials, manufacturing, and shipping, digital products have minimal overhead costs. Once created, they can be replicated and sold repeatedly without incurring additional expenses. This aspect makes them highly profitable for sellers.


Digital products offer unparalleled scalability. Sellers can reach a global audience without worrying about inventory management or shipping logistics. With instant delivery through digital downloads, the potential for scalability is limitless.

Passive Income Potential

Digital products enable sellers to generate passive income. Once listed on Etsy, these products can continue to generate revenue over time without constant supervision or maintenance. This passive income stream provides financial stability and flexibility for sellers.

Creative Freedom

Selling digital products on Etsy allows for unparalleled creative freedom. Sellers can leverage their skills and expertise to create unique offerings, whether digital art, printables, templates, or digital downloads. This freedom fosters innovation and encourages sellers to explore new ideas and concepts.

Digital product ideas to sell on Etsy?

1. Digital Art and Illustrations

With the rise of digital art platforms and software, digital artworks have become increasingly popular among consumers. From illustrations and paintings to graphic designs and digital prints, there is a high demand for visually appealing digital art on Etsy.

digital product ideas to sell on Etsy

2. Printable Planners and Organisers:

In today’s fast-paced world, there is a growing demand for printable planners and organisers that help individuals stay organised and productive. Sellers can create and sell digital planners, calendars, to-do lists, and habit trackers to cater to this market.

digital product ideas to sell on Etsy

3. Digital Invitations and Stationery

With the shift towards digital communication, there is a rising demand for digital invitations and stationery for events such as weddings, birthdays, and parties. Sellers can offer customisable digital invitation templates and stationery designs to meet this demand.

digital product ideas to sell on Etsy

4. Digital Patterns and Templates:

DIY enthusiasts and crafters often seek digital patterns and templates for various projects. Sellers can create and sell digital sewing patterns, knitting patterns, crochet patterns, and crafting templates to cater to this niche market.

5. Educational Resources and E-books:

With the increasing popularity of e-learning, there is a high demand for educational resources and e-books on various topics. Sellers can create and sell digital courses, e-books, worksheets, and tutorials to provide valuable knowledge and insights to customers.

6. Digital planners

Digital planners represent the future of planning and organisation, offering unmatched benefits and advantages over traditional paper planners. 

I love digital planners!

With accessibility anytime, anywhere, ease of integration with digital tools, sustainability, dynamic features, and enhanced organisation, sellers can create a wide range of digital planners that meet customers’ ever-growing needs.

Final thoughts: What should I sell on Etsy: Digital product ideas to sell on Etsy?

And that’s it, folks!

I hope this blog post gave you insight into what digital product ideas to sell on Etsy.

Etsy offers immense opportunities for sellers to profit from digital products. 

By researching and tapping into popular niches, you can capitalise on this trend and establish a successful business on Etsy. 

Whether digital art, printable planners, invitations, patterns, educational resources, or digital planners, the possibilities are endless in the world of digital products on Etsy.

Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

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