How to add hyperlinks to your digital planner in Canva: An easy tutorial?


Are you creating your digital planner using Canva? However, you’re unsure how to add hyperlinks to your digital planner in Canva.

Well, that’s why I’m here!

I’ll show you how to hyperlink your digital planner using Canva, and guess what? You don’t need Canva Pro (paid version) to hyperlink planner pages using Canva.

By the end of this post, you’ll be a pro at adding hyperlinks to your digital planner using Canva.

And if you plan on selling your digital on Etsy, you know what that means, more cha-ching!

What is Canva?

First things first, what is Canva?

Suppose you’re new to creating digital products. In that case, Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design platform that can help you create amazing designs such as social media posts, printables, presentations, invitations, posters, and digital planners.

What I love about Canva is that it’s beginner friendly, and you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to create incredible designs!

Canva is free to use, although they do have a paid (Canva Pro), which is super affordable at $11.99 a month.

I have just for you a 30-day Canva Pro free trial! Check out Canva Pro now; trust me, you won’t regret it.

What are hyperlinks?

A hyperlink is essentially a link in the form of an icon, graphic or text that links to another file or object.

For example, the daily planner tab hyperlinks to the daily planner page ( it connects the two). 

Hyperlinks in digital planners are clickable links within the planner.

When you click the link, it takes you to a specific page that the clickable link is connected to in the digital planner.

Effectively, hyperlinked digital planners are hyperlinked PDFs- once the link has been clicked, it redirects you to another page within the PDF (planner).

How to hyperlink your digital planner using Canva

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Step one: Create your digital planner tab using Canva.

First things first, select Elements on the left-side ribbon, then select the shape Rounded Circle to create your tabs.

Place the shape behind your digital planner page. You can add text to your tab and change the colour and font to your liking.

hyperlink your digital planner using Canva

Step Two: Adding hyperlinks to your digital planner tab using Canva

Next, ensure that your shape (tab) is selected. Then, select the three dots on the right-hand side of the top ribbon. Once you’ve selected the three dots, click on the Link symbol.

hyperlink your digital planner using Canva

Step three: associating your planner page with your digital planner tab.

Now that you have selected the Link symbol, you will be given a drop-down menu to find the page you want to associate with your digital planner tab.

Search for your planner page in the search bar, and once found, hit enter.

Top tip: to make finding your planner pages easier, I recommend naming them first.

hyperlink your digital planner using Canva

Step four: success you’ve hyperlinked your digital planner using Canva

After you’ve found your planner page to link to your tab, select done, and voila, you’ve hyperlinked your digital planner using Canva!

Step five: add more planner tabs and repeat

Now that you have hyperlinked one digital planner tab repeat the steps above for all your desired amount of digital planner tabs.

Final Thoughts: How to add hyperlinks to your digital planner in Canva

And there you have it, an easy tutorial on how to add hyperlinks to your digital planner in Canva.

See, that wasn’t too hard!

Canva makes creating digital planners super easy, using few resources and even for free.

Don’t forget to try your 30-day Canva Pro free trial here.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comment section below.

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